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Student Testimonials



The Blue Horse Repertory Company's class, "Discover the Actor Inside," is a wonderful complement to Sage's established theater offerings for children, students, and would-be professionals as it is open to adults of all ages regardless of skills, experience, or ambitions.  As a retired Sage faculty member, I am proud that my college is offering a course like this that enhances Sage's reputation in the community. The presentation skills honed in this class are valuable in many life situations outside of acting.  In addition, the supportive, non-threatening environment allows each person the opportunity to discover new talents and even reinvent themselves if they choose. Lora Lee is an excellent teacher who creates a classroom environment where each student finds the courage to take on new challenges in ways they never dreamed possible. As you can tell, I leave this class wanting to shout "Bravo" and "Encore."

-Judy Landers


“The acting class I took with Lora Lee was the most enlightening, and challenging episodes in self-discovery that I have ever experienced. It was truly a transformative episode, that gave me the both the confidence to begin overcoming innate chronic self-consciousness, and brought out long-suppressed and creative self-expression.  

And also skills, attitudes, and motivation to pursue continue beyond my first tenuous 'baby steps' into creative self-expression.“  

-Michael Doraby


"Lora Lee taught me how to be a better actor by guiding me to examine parts of myself that were just below the surface, but below my sight line. I am forever grateful. Lora Lee teaches the fundamentals of several different acting techniques, catering to each students weaknesses and strengths. But she does so much more than that. She creates a safe haven, a network of actors supporting and lifting each other up. She teaches us about the business side of acting as well, training, often times in subtle ways, how to survive as an actor. "

-Dave Cerutti


“I knew from the first night of class that I was in great company. Lora Lee's energy, dedication, patience and passion, helps to draw out my inner actor. I love the kind, fun and supportive group of students in the class. I feel very fortunate to have this resource in the Capital District.”

-Monica Brady


“LoraLee is not only a great instructor and actress, but she has given me the inspiration and the confidence that I need to be an actress.  Her extensive experience as an actress, director, producer and instructor has helped me immensely in my auditions and film work.”

-Gina Sidway


" Lora  Lee creates the environment for serious scene study. She has encouraged me to push the boundries of my acting and choice of roles.” 

-Kate Gulliver


"Blue Horse Adult Acting Classes with Lora Lee Ecobelli creates a unique and encouraging learning environment for all actors, no matter how experienced they are. Lora Lee teaches a wide variety of acting techniques and methods allowing each student to expand their existing acting range and, thus, become more versatile. Class format is constantly evolving and changing in order to incorporate the most challenging aspects of acting that students will encounter on real live auditions - including cold reads, on-camera work, improvisations, and much more! Attending several 8-week course sessions at Lora Lee's Blue Horse Repertory Adult Acting School was the best decision I've ever made for my acting career! Just in a short one-year time frame I've been cast in more than 12 films, music videos, and commercials. Lora Lee helped me to become more confident, versatile, and daring actress, who's not afraid to take on any acting challenges - and all of that, definitely, translates into a lot of successful auditions and new acting project for me!"

- Olga Bogdanova


“Lora Lee creates a safe environment for you to explore acting. She is incredibly supportive and encouraging and makes acting fun.”

-Suzanne Bohmer


 “Lora Lee taught me everything I know. She offers excellent opportunities in theatrical development.”

- Laura Bellizzi


“Lora Lee has created an interesting useful activities which lead to much better acting. She brings creativity and imagination to our classes.”

-Kathie Freston


“I love working under Lora Lee’s direction and thank her profusely for always reminding me to “raise the stakes”. She is an amazing coach and I am honored to be part of her class.”

-Zulie Lozada


 “Lora Lee is a wonderful teacher who creates a very professional and fun situation for students of all levels.”

-Rob Rowe


“I am always learning new techniques from Lora Lee. She make you very aware of yourself and the characters you play.”

-Don Bellizzi


We are very proud of the tremendous success our students have had and how hard we all work to achieve these results. We have created our own acting family that always welcomes new members. 



Tuition is due the first day of class. A one-hour private coaching session is included in the tuition payment of  $250 for the 8-week course. There are no cash refunds but class credit is redeemable for up to one year.


We have provided a private group page on Facebook for networking and school news. We encourage you to make use of it. In the event of a class cancellation, you will be notified via email and the Facebook page.


Classes are ongoing and students need to plan their own 8-week sessions. If you are unable to attend a class it is very important that you notify the Instructor and your scene partners. (Students need to exchange phone numbers and email address with scene partners.) Scene work is dependent on you being at class. If your scene partner cannot make class, you are encouraged to work on other projects. Watching and helping other students is an important part of your progress.


Rehearsal with a scene partner outside of class is required.


Only positive and constructive criticism during class work are allowed. We work with students of all ages and abilities. Please treat others as you would like to be treated.


Cell phone use and gum chewing are prohibited during class.


Books borrowed from the lending library should be returned within two weeks.


Students may apply for our quarterly scholarship. To be eligible, a student needs to be currently enrolled. A one-page document explaining why the student should be considered is required. School administration will choose the recipient based on expressed need, past attendance, work ethic and team spirit. A student who was not awarded a scholarship may apply again.













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